The Mystical World Of Mushrooms Captured In Photos

Most people consider mushrooms to be the small, ugly cousins of the plant kingdom, but theirs is  surprisingly beautiful and wonderful world waiting to be explored. These beautiful mushrooms, captured by enthusiastic nature photographers, are a far cry from the ones you find in the woods or your local grocery store.

Most mushrooms, as we know them, are actually just the reproductive structure of the fungus they belong to – their fungal networks expand far further underground, and some fungi don’t even sprout the sort of mushrooms that we’re used to seeing. In fact, depending on your definition of “organism,” the largest living organism in the world is a fungus – there’s a honey mushroom colony in Oregon that occupies about 2,000 acres of land! ( Bored Panda )


Nature is amazing.

but will it recharge my batteries



The Samurai Champloo (サムライチャンプルー) cosplayers that stole my heart… Thank you SO much for bringing back so many memories. T_T The anachronisms, the animation, the music, the historical knowledge that it made me search for. I fell in love with Edo Period, japanese mythology and (ukiyo-e) painting. I fell in love with the director (Shinichiro Watanabe) and THEN with Cowboy Bebop. Masaru Gotsubo’s manga. Nakazawa’s designs. Shing02. SO much jazz knowledge from Nujabes’ samples. Thank you, Jun. どうもありがとうございます!Mystline still makes me cry. I fell so much in love it took me 9 months to write a tribute song over The Final View. It took a poem’s time, and hopefully it has the beauty of one… And the dopeness of yours. T_T Hope you and Dilla will listen to it next February 7. There hasn’t been a greek tribute (that sounded ancient) so it will be my honor. R.I.P. Samurai who smells of Sunflowers.

MUGEN (ムゲン,2)  Kyōno (恭乃)
 (ジン Sakadzuki (サカヅキ)
 (フウ Akane (朱音)


I am utterly amazed, like holy crap!



마지막 짹짹이 죠타로짹

Now we just need a DIO one.




They’ve arrived 😍

still not too late to change the name 



They’ve arrived 😍

still not too late to change the name 

somebody wants to draw me? or do an art trade?

somebody wants to draw me? or do an art trade?


So I was at a Paul McCartney concert last night.

After the show, people came up to us and thanked us for the show we put on since our seating section was lacking in enthusiasm. We even got hugs. Had a great time.
Stan Getz & João Gilberto - Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)
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Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto // Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)

Quero a vida sempre assim, com você perto de mim.


Listen/purchase: song about you by free cake for every creature

the cutest band on planet earth pls listen ok

chvaka or clio do you like this song? it reminds me of you…

would you guys be cool if i posted my xxx art under a cut…yknow…the under there parts? im gonna do it…warning.